WPHelpDesk 1.2.3 – Notes and Ticket Merging

We just released WPHD 1.2.3, if you purchased the plugin less than a year ago you should be able to download it using automatic updates (by going to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and clicking “Check Again”). This release … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.2

WPHelpDesk 1.2.2 was just released and you should see it soon in automatic updates section, it includes mainly some small bug fixes and changes in the UI. The main change you might like is additional “Last Message” column on tickets … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.1 and change in pricing structure

We just released version 1.2.1, this version contains automatic updates, you no longer need to update the plugin manually (actually if you want to upgrade to 1.2.1 then this is the last update you need to do manually to be … Read More

Online documentation available

We just made online documentation available, so far all the online docs were in PDF file but in the end this is very hard to manage and we decided that it will best for everyone to make the online version. … Read More

Version 1.2.0 (Public Tickets) Released

We just finished testing and now releasing version 1.2, which was announced earlier last week. The main update is ability to create Public Tickets, basically aside of receiving and replying to tickets via email only, now you can create public … Read More

Version 1.2 sneak peek

The whole WPHelpDesk website was updated and now working fine, we are getting ready to release version 1.3 which will include some Pubic Tickets allowing you to basically run a support forum or normal helpdesk. In order to make it … Read More

WPHelpDesk Site Redesigned

The WPHelpDesk site, was just redesigned, hope you will like new design, we are still migrating data from old site, so you might be experiencing some difficulties (especially with images) for next few hours, sorry about that.