Client portal tickets list

The Client Portal shortcode allows logged in users to view all of their tickets in a single page, reply to them, etc.

client portal ticket

To use it, create a new page (its title and URL can be of your choice) and add the following shortcode as its content:


Afterwards, visit the WPHelpDesk’s config page (Helpdesk -> Config), select the page you just created in the relevant section (Client Portal Page), and save the changes.

new config options

By default, an input to search for tickets will be displayed in the Client Portal page. To disable this, you should modify the shortcode as below:

[client_portal search="false"]

Note that if you don’t intend to use WPHelpDesk as a public forum or knowledge base, we would suggest to keep the Public Tickets List shortcode disabled and use only the Client Portal shortcode for your users’ private tickets.