In WPHelpDesk there are 3 methods to receive new tickets:

  • Email Piping – The name might be confusing but it basically comes down to periodically collecting messages from your email account. In order to set this up, you need to first configure incoming emails, and then wait for WPHelpDesk to collect messages (this happens every 15 minutes by default). Additionally you can consider using UNIX Cron jobs to make the messages collecting process more accurate.
  • Converting Comments Into Tickets – This feature is enabled by default, when browsing comments from wp-admin / Comments panel you will notice “Convert To Ticket” link next to each comment. Clicking the link will automatically create a new thread with ticket. This is useful feature when you have documentation or knowledge base with comments. You will find more details about this feature here.
  • Submit Ticket Form – WPHelpDesk allows to setup, submit ticket form (using [[submit_ticket]] shortcode), every form submission will create a new ticket.