From the tickets list you can go to thread details panel which looks like in the image above. From the Reply Panel you can see list of latest messages (by default the newest message is at the top) in the thread as well as quickly Reply, Add Note or Close Ticket. In the right sidebar you can change Assigned Agent, Ticket Status and Name and Email of a person to which reply will be sent.

Replying To Tickets

Clicking on the Reply box (below ticket title) will open a message box when you can type your reply and attach files to the message.


In order to add files just drag and drop them on the reply field or click “Add Attachment” button. Once your reply is ready click “Send Reply” button this will send the message and close ticket (change its status to Closed).

Note that, until you click “Send Reply” or “Discard” button, your reply and added files will be saved as a draft every 30 seconds. This feature will allow you to reply to ticket later or prevent loosing data if you accidently close the browser window or loose internet connection.

WPHelpDesk will also help you prevent sending multiple messages to single Thread by warning user that some other agent is already writing a reply in this thread. Note that this works only when other agent is actively writing response that is his draft was saved less than 60 seconds ago.


Adding Notes

Notes are available since version 1.2.3.

In order to add note, click “Add Note” link in the reply box at the top of the page, enter your message and click “Add Note” button.

Notes are private messages created by administrators and agents only, your customers will not be able to see them, they will also not be notified when new note is created.

Additionally when writing a note the text you write is not being saved as draft, so if you close window before clicking “Add Note” button your message will be lost.