This shortcode allows to create a submit ticket form in the frontend. The form allows ticket submission to both registered and non-registered users, the non-registered users have an option to register on site (by just checking a single checkbox) which will allow them to browse tickets.

Available Parameters:

  • custom_fields: if you have some custom fields defined in wp-admin / Helpdesk / Custom FIelds panel and want to append them to the submit ticket form you can do this using this parameter, simply list all the fields you want to use seperated by coma
    [[submit_ticket custom_fields="field_1,field_2"]]
  • ticket_type: value for this attribute can be one of:
    • private (form will create tickets that only ticket author can view).
    • public (form will create tickets that anyone can view).
    • email (since 1.2.5) using this option will save ticket as imported from your email inbox. Use this option only if you have WPHelpDesk Inbox add-on installed.
    • user-select this option will insert dropdown at the end of form which will allow user to select between private and public. Default value is “private”.