The purpose of this shortcode is to be used for as a public forum or a knowledge base. To allow users access to their tickets, please use the Client Portal shortcode.

Note that although the content of the private tickets will only be available to the owner of the ticket and any admins, its title will be publicly accessible using this shortcode (this is not applicable to the Client Portal shortcode).

The shortcode displays a list of user submitted tickets, allows to search your tickets by keyword, and reply to threads. Additionally, logged in users are able to reply to tickets.

Available Parameters:

  • access: (default ‘private’) allowed values one of: private, public. Setting access to public will allow unregistered users to view tickets list.
  • display: (default ‘private’) allowed values one or more of: all, private, public, email. This field allows to control which tickets you want to display, by default it will display private tickets (ie. tickets visible only to person who created the ticket)
  • from: (default ‘current-user’) allowed values one of: current-user, anyone. Default setting displays only tickets created by currently logged in user, the ‘anyone’ option displays all tickets.
  • count: (default 20) number of tickets per page.


Create a publicly accessible forum / threads list with public and private tickets.

[tickets access="public" display="private,public" from="anyone"]

Create private (accessible to logged in users only) forum with list of tickets submitted by currently logged in user, this forum will display: public, private and email tickets.

[tickets access="private" display="all"]

To enable this shortcode, please check the relevant checkbox in the configuration page.