Since version 1.2.4, in wp-admin / Helpdesk / Config panel it is possible to setup default actions after replying to ticket or adding a note (basically you can select where user should be redirected after replying), but we understand each Agent can have different preferences or working style, so additionally from wp-admin / Users / Your Profile panel users have the same options to personalize their experience.

On the screenshot at the beginning of this article you can see user options:

  • Default Action After Reply – It allows to define what should happen after a reply is sent.
  • Default Action After Adding Note – Similarly as above it allows to set default action after adding note to the ticket.
  • Fixed Reply Form – Checking this checkbox will make the reply / add note form “follow you” when scrolling down / up on the ticket reply page.

Note, that both “Default Action After Reply” and “Default Actions After Adding Note” you can override when replying to ticket.


Note the “(Default)” text, it indicates which action will be executed if you click “Send Reply” button.

Basically, there are 3 places to set the default actions: wp-admin / Helpdesk / Config panel, which can be overriden with user preferences set in wp-admin / Users / Your Profile which can be overriden just before sending a reply.