Easy to set up

We have done our best to make the set up process as easy as possible.

Simply download WPHelpDesk, install it on your WordPress site and tweak a few settings. You will have total control of your customer support in no time at all.

To check the process, have a quick look at our Quick Start Guide.

Organised at its core

WPHelpDesk will help you deal with the most urgent items in your support queue. With easy searching and filtering, you can quickly find and query any support ticket.

We link customers directly to their support tickets so you can see a full history of their requests.

For an overview of what you can do as an agent, click here.

Works the way you need it to

WPHelpDesk is built on top of a flexible configuration.

By tweaking a few settings, you will have the plugin working to suit your needs – whether you want to receive tickets directly from a contact form on your website, or directly from your email inbox (add-on), or both.

For an overview of the ways you can submit tickets as a user, click here.

Check out our add-ons

Apart from the Email Piping add-on which connects your email account to WPHelpDesk, we also have add-ons for other popular plugins:

Suitable for teams of any size

WPHelpDesk is great for any business owner who wants to take control of their customer support and enable collaboration with their support Agents.

Suitable for the solo support agent or a growing team, simply configure the plugin to suit your workflow and it won’t get in your way.