Import Emails From Your Inbox

Allow your customers to send emails directly to your mailbox (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or any other email that has IMAP or POP3 access), and have them automatically imported into WPHelpDesk as tickets. The ticket will be marked with email icon (see the first ticket on the image below) so you will know it was imported from your email inbox.

Send Replies Looking Like Normal Email Messages

When replying the customer will receive a normal looking email message. This is a great feature to provide a more personal support without any scary looking ticket IDs or statuses, while still being able to use all WPHD panel features to handle tickets.

Simple Incoming Email Configuration

Using configuration wizard you can quickly configure an email address from which you wish to import emails. You can also select what do you want to do with emails that were imported (trash or move them somewhere). Once the configuration is saved, Email Piping add-on will start periodically check if there are new emails to import.

Get 100% Email Delivery Success

Once you have incoming emails setup, you can also configure outgoing emails, it comes with intuitive setup wizard as well. Configuring your outgoing emails will make sure that emails you are sending go straight to your customer inbox and will NOT be put in SPAM folder or discarded by the email server.