WPHelpDesk 1.2.4 – Responsive wp-admin and after reply actions

WPHelpDesk 1.2.4 was just released and you should be now able to download it using automatic updates, or directly from client panel.

This version has two major updates and a couple of bug fixes and tiny tweaks, lets start with major changes.

Responsive wp-admin panel

Until now WPHD had responsive design in the frontend templates, now responsivness was added to wp-admin templates as well, so as an admin you can easily reply to tickets directly from your mobile device.

Default actions after reply and adding note

Each user has a different working style, one wants to go to next ticket after adding reply the other wants go back to tickets list. In order to allow users to customize their WPHD experience we introduced Default Actions, each user in his profile can select what should happen after replying to ticket


Additionally this setting can be overwritten on per ticket basis when sending a reply


Other Changes

  • FEATURE Fixed Reply Form – if enabled allows the reply form to “follow you” when scrolling on ticket details page, basically making the reply form always visible.
  • FEATURE File Upload Validation – by default disallows to upload files with php, php5 and php4 extensions but can be customized to introduce additional file validation mechanisms.
  • FEATURE Empty Message Validation – disallow sending empty reply or adding empty note to the ticket.