Quick start guide

Step 1 – Install & activate the plugin(s)

First of all, you will need to install and activate the main plugin and any of the add-ons you intend to use. Don’t forget to activate the licenses too!

Step 2 – Accept tickets from users

There are three ways to allow users to submit tickets:

  1. On your website, you can set up the Submit Ticket Form shortcode on one of your pages.
  2. If you need a more configurable form, you can build one using Ninja Forms and use our add-on to submit these messages as tickets — click here for instructions.
  3. Finally, you can import tickets directly from your email account using the Email Piping add-on — click here for instructions.

Step 3 – Set up the Client Portal

To allow your users to view their tickets and reply to them from your website, create a new page and set up the Client Portal shortcode on it.

Step 4 – Configure outgoing email and notifications

To allow WPHelpDesk to send emails, you need to configure the Outgoing Emails section in the settings. After doing that, fully configurable email notifications will be automatically sent for certain actions.

Good to go!

WPHelpDesk is now ready to be used. If you haven’t done already, please have a look at the rest of the configuration options and the other concepts of the documentation. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please log in to your account and raise a ticket.

Thank you for using WPHelpDesk!