Today we released updates for both WPHelpDesk and WPHelpDesk Inbox, due to large amount of work this are small updates with tiny fixes and small improvments only, but we are soon planning an update with some amazing features.

What was changed in WPHelpDesk?

  • FEATURE: communication with updates server will now be handled via secure SSL connection.
  • FEATURE: ticket_type param in [submit_ticket] shortcode. Now using [submit_ticket] it is possible to create a ticket which will behave like ticket imported from Inbox
  • FIXED: Incorrect date displatyed in if Email and WordPress timezones differ
  • FIXED: Removed .htaccess file in main plugin directory, it wasn’t really protecting anything either way.

What’s new in WPHelpDesk Inbox?

  • FEATURE: Support for Reply-To header in email, when importing email from Inbox, WPHD will use Reply-To header information (if present) to set customer email and name.
  • FIXED: When importing ticket, ticket creation date will be adjusted to WordPress timezone settings.

Both WPHelpDesk and WPHelpDesk Inbox you can now download either from client panel or using Automatic Updates.

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