WPHelpDesk 1.2.1 and change in pricing structure

We just released version 1.2.1, this version contains automatic updates, you no longer need to update the plugin manually (actually if you want to upgrade to 1.2.1 then this is the last update you need to do manually to be precise). There are also a few other updates we’ve added:

  • FEATURE Agents replies in the frontend. Agents can now reply to tickets from the frontend, baisically the [[tickets]] shortcode can be used like a forum now.
  • FEATURE Ability to trash messages, for security only Administrators can do this.
  • FEATURE Ability to disable automatic ticket closing. By default tickets are being closed when Agent sends a reply, now in the config you can change that so tickets will be closed when Agent closes them.
  • FEATURE License management panel – a place in configuration where you can enter your license code, this is required if you are going to use automatic updates.
  • FIXED Custom Fields saving when sending a ticket from the frontend.

Change in pricing structure

We also reorganized pricing. The cheapest/personal version costs only $49, but it does not include Email Piping (ie a feature which allows to download tickets from inbox and reply to tickets like normal emails).

The highest version prices were also reduced and they include all the WPHD features.  Every one who purchased Personal (previously Small Business) license is automatically upgraded to Business version, so you get exactly the same features as you had previously plus you support for 4 additional sites.


Some of the new features will now be available as addons, the first one is Email Piping / Inbox, soon we are planning new addons mostly for Business and Developer license holders, anyway previously the Email Piping / Inbox was part of WPHD core currently it is distributed as an addon.

That being said if your are using  this feature then after upgrading to WPHD 1.2.1 you need to also install Email Inbox addon. If you had the Incoming Email and Outgoing Email configured then no additional configuration is required everything should be working as previously.

Client Panel

Yes, from now on you can download the plugin and all addons available for your license type from client panel at https://wphelpdesk.com/account/. Your credentials are email address you used to make a purchase (basically an email address to which you received purchase confirmation) and license code that was in that email.replica breitling