Ninja Forms Integration, WPHelpDesk 1.2.10, & Inbox 1.0.3

We are happy to announce the release of a new add-on which integrates WPHelpDesk with Ninja Forms, as well as new versions for WPHelpDesk and its Inbox add-on. Ninja Forms Integration With the new Ninja Forms add-on, you can integrate … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.9 – Client Portal

We are happy to announce the release of WPHelpDesk version 1.2.9, which includes: a new Client Portal; control over the availability of the Public Tickets List shortcode; and a bug fix that affected tickets with lengthy messages. Please read the … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.8, Inbox 1.0.2, Easy Digital Downloads 1.0.1, & WooCommerce 1.0.1

We are happy to announce the release of a new version for all of our plugins, which include new features and multiple bug fixes. The new versions are: WPHelpDesk 1.2.8 Inbox 1.0.2 Easy Digital Downloads 1.0.1 WooCommerce 1.0.1 Important note … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.7 – Ticket Analytics

We are happy to announce WPHelpDesk 1.2.7 with some basic ticket analytics functionality. The new update should be visible in your wp-admin dashboard within 24 hours. If it isn’t, go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates and click “Check Again” … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.6 – Previous Customer Tickets

We are happy to announce that today we are releasing WPHelpDesk 1.2.6, the latest update should soon be visible in your wp-admin panel, and you will be able to download it using automatic updates. Aside from few minor bug fixes … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.5 and Inbox 1.0.1

Today we released updates for both WPHelpDesk and WPHelpDesk Inbox, due to large amount of work this are small updates with tiny fixes and small improvments only, but we are soon planning an update with some amazing features. What was … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.4 – Responsive wp-admin and after reply actions

WPHelpDesk 1.2.4 was just released and you should be now able to download it using automatic updates, or directly from client panel. This version has two major updates and a couple of bug fixes and tiny tweaks, lets start with … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.3 – Notes and Ticket Merging

We just released WPHD 1.2.3, if you purchased the plugin less than a year ago you should be able to download it using automatic updates (by going to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and clicking “Check Again”). This release … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.2

WPHelpDesk 1.2.2 was just released and you should see it soon in automatic updates section, it includes mainly some small bug fixes and changes in the UI. The main change you might like is additional “Last Message” column on tickets … Read More

WPHelpDesk 1.2.1 and change in pricing structure

We just released version 1.2.1, this version contains automatic updates, you no longer need to update the plugin manually (actually if you want to upgrade to 1.2.1 then this is the last update you need to do manually to be … Read More