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A simple yet powerful plugin to help you manage and organise your customer support, right from inside your WordPress site.

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Support your customers from your WordPress site

Easy set up

We have done our best to make the set up process as easy as possible. Simply download WPHelpDesk, install it on your WordPress site and tweak a few settings. You will have total control of your customer support in no time at all.

Organised at its core

WPHelpDesk will help you deal with the most urgent items in your support queue. With easy searching and filtering, you can quickly find and query any support ticket. We link customers directly to their support tickets so you can see a full history of their requests.

Works the way you need it to

WPHelpDesk is built on top of a flexible configuration. By tweaking a few settings, you will have the plugin working to suit your needs – whether you want to receive tickets directly from a contact form on your website, or directly from your email inbox (add-on), or both.

Suitable for teams of any size

WPHelpDesk is great for any business owner who wants to get control of their customer support and enable collaboration with their support Agents. Suitable for the solo support agent or a growing team, simply configure the plugin to suit your workflow and it won’t get in your way.

We have add-ons for other popular plugins

What our customers are saying

Coach Randy Pipes, purpose-2-profit.com
Coach Randy Pipes, purpose-2-profit.com

I’ve tested quite a few Support Systems for my online business and I like the functionality of WPHelpdesk best.

What really separates this company from the rest, however is their customer support.

They stayed on an issue I was having like they were working on their own business. They were polite, prompt, efficient and effective. Their level of communication was unparalleled.

I am very impressed and grateful for their high level of product integrity and highly recommend them.

Mark Zahra, WPMayor.com
Mark Zahra, WPMayor.com

For the features it offers and the great service it can offer, WPHelpDesk certainly seems like one of the easiest plugins to setup for your business if you’ve got a customer support staff. However, besides being quick and easy to setup, it’s also very effective.

All your support tickets are very manageable from directly within your WordPress site’s dashboard, and the advanced search capability makes it easy to locate previous tickets that you might need to refer to. The actual setup and configuration of the plugin before you get going is also made simpler for you to ensure a smooth transition to this new system.

Oliver Dale, WPLift.com
Oliver Dale, WPLift.com

WPHelpDesk is extremely easy to setup and use, it integrates easily with your existing site – simply creating two pages and adding shortcodes.

The interface uses the standard WordPress UI so your support agents will be familiar with it.

The saved replies feature will be extremely useful! If you are looking for solid help desk solution for your site then check it out.

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