We are happy to announce the release of WPHelpDesk version 1.2.9, which includes:

  • a new Client Portal;
  • control over the availability of the Public Tickets List shortcode;
  • and a bug fix that affected tickets with lengthy messages.

Please read the release notes below before updating to the new version.

Client Portal shortcode

We have introduced a new Client Portal shortcode, which allows logged in users to view all of their tickets in a single page, reply to them, etc.

Client portal tickets list

This was possible before using a specific set of options in the Public Tickets List shortcode, but there is now a dedicated shortcode for that. Therefore, sites that do not have a need for a public forum or knowledge base should stop using the Public Tickets List shortcode and instead migrate to the Client Portal one.

Note that in a future WPHelpDesk version, the Public Tickets List shortcode will stop having access to any private tickets, so the Client Portal shortcode will have to be used to give users access to their private tickets.

To read more about the new shortcode and find usage instructions, please visit its documentation page.

Public Tickets List shortcode

This shortcode will now be disabled by default. If your site does not have a need for a public forum or knowledge base functionality, then please migrate to the Client Portal shortcode and leave the Public Tickets List shortcode disabled.

To enable the shortcode, visit the main Configuration page (Helpdesk -> Config), check the “Enable [tickets] shortcode” checkbox, and save the changes.

new config options

Bux fix

We have fixed a bug that prevented lengthy messages from being saved properly. That mostly affected imported emails with a very large HTML version.

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