Public tickets list

Please note that this functionality will be replaced by a dedicated plugin and the shortcode will be deprecated soon. Therefore, we strongly recommend not to use it.

The purpose of this shortcode is to be used as a public forum or a knowledge base. To allow users access to their tickets, please use the Client Portal shortcode instead.

Note that although the content of the private tickets will only be available to the owner of the ticket and any admins, its title will be publicly accessible using this shortcode (this is not applicable to the Client Portal shortcode).

The shortcode displays a list of user-submitted tickets, allows you to search your tickets by keyword, and reply to threads. To use it, create a new page (its title and URL can be of your choice), add the below shortcode as its content, and enable the “Public tickets list” checkbox in the general settings page.


The available parameters are:

  • access – setting this to “public”, will allow guest users to view the tickets list. It defaults to “false”.
  • display – this field controls the type of tickets that will be displayed. It defaults to “private”, which will display all private tickets, i.e. the tickets visible only to the person who created them. The other available values are “all”, “public”, and “email”.
  • from – setting this to “anyone” will display all tickets in the system. It defaults to “current-user”, which will only show tickets created by the currently logged-in user.
  • count – this field controls the number of tickets that will be displayed per page; defaults to 20.

As an example, the following combination of options creates a publicly accessible forum/threads list, which includes both public and private tickets:

[tickets access="public" display="private,public" from="anyone"]