Submit ticket form

The submit ticket form can be enabled via a shortcode that displays a form allowing users to submit tickets from a page or post. The form allows ticket submission from both registered and non-registered users; the non-registered users can be given an option to create an account, which will also give them access to the Client Portal.

To use it, create a new page or post (its title and URL can be of your choice) and add the following shortcode as its content:


It also accepts optional parameters in the following way:

[submit_ticket custom_fields="field_1,field_2" logged_in_only="true"]

The available parameters are:

  • custom_fields – if you have any custom fields that you want to include in the form, you can use this parameter and define their names separated by commas.
  • logged_in_only – when this is set to “true”, the form will be available only to logged-in users. If a guest accesses the page, they will get a message that only logged in users can submit tickets. Logged in users will get the usual form without the option to create an account or enter their name or email. When omitted, it defaults to “false”.
  • ticket_type – this parameter defines the type of the ticket; if omitted, it will default to private which is the recommended option for most use cases. The available values are:
    • private – (recommended & default) the ticket will only be accessible by its creator.
    • public – the ticket will be publicly visible—only to be used along with the Public Tickets List shortcode. Please note that this functionality will be replaced by a dedicated plugin and the shortcode will be deprecated soon.
    • email – the ticket will be saved as a ticket imported via email; only use this option when the Email Piping add-on is installed.
    • user-select – a drop-down selection at the end of the form will be shown to allow the user to select between a private and a public ticket.

Note that you can add extra content such as text or images above or below the shortcode, as you would do in any other post or page. Finally, please note that re-ordering the fields is not supported. If you need more control over your form, you could try using our Ninja Forms integration.