Ticket details

Clicking on any ticket in the listing will take you to its details page. This page includes all of the details for a specific ticket.

On the left-hand side of the page, all of the messages exchanged will be shown in reverse chronological order (i.e. newest first). Above them, there are quick links to reply, add a note, or close the ticket.

On the right-hand side of the page, there is a panel containing a set of editable ticket details and other panels containing information such as custom fields and links to other tickets that were created by the customer.

Replying to tickets

Clicking on reply will open a text editor where you can type your message. You can attach files by dragging and dropping them on the editor or by clicking the Add Media or the Add Attachment button.

Clicking on “Send Reply” will send the message and perform the default action configured in the relevant settings — clicking on the arrow will allow you to reply and select a different follow-up action.

Please note that until you post the reply or discard it, WPHelpDesk will save it as a draft every 30 seconds, so if you close the browser and return to it later it will still be there.

If you try to reply to a thread while another agent is composing a reply, the system will try to prevent you from doing so by showing you a relevant warning, to prevent you from sending multiple and potentially outdated messages. Please note that this warning will be shown only when another agent is actively writing a message by checking for a draft that was saved less than 60 seconds ago.


Adding notes

Notes are private messages that can only be written and viewed by agents; although they will appear in the messages thread (marked as notes) the customers will not be notified about them and they will not be visible in the thread that the customer sees in the Client Portal.

Notes can be added like regular replies by clicking on the “Add Note” link instead. Please note though that they do not include the auto-draft functionality, so if you do not add the note and browse away from the page, it will be lost.

You can also add notes that appear outside the thread of messages, using the Note panel on the right-hand side of the page.