Installation, activation, & updates

Where to find download links and license keys

After purchasing WPHelpDesk you will be presented with your license keys and links to download the plugin. You will also receive download links via email.

Afterwards, you can access that information in the Purchase History section of your account.

How to install WPHelpDesk and activate its license

WPHelpDesk is installed like any other WordPress plugin; you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Visit Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin.
  2. Select the file you have previously downloaded (note that x.y.z will reflect the version you’re about to install, e.g. 1.2.12) and click Install Now.
  3. After the installation, click Activate;
  4. Visit the Licenses tab in the plugin’s settings (WPHelpDesk -> Settings -> Licenses), enter the license key for the main plugin and click Activate License.

How to install and activate add-ons

To install any of our add-ons, repeat the above steps for each of them.

Please note that we recommend only installing the add-ons you are going to use. This helps to keep your WordPress installation as minimal as possible without cluttering the plugins directory with unused add-ons.

How to update WPHelpDesk and its add-ons

WPHelpDesk and its add-ons can be updated in the same way as any other plugin. When there is a new version, a notification will appear on the Plugins page allowing you to view the details of the new version and perform a one-click update.

Please note that if you have not activated your licenses, you will see a notification for the new version but will not be able to perform the update.