Custom fields can be used to enhance the ticket submission form, or even used internally to add extra information to a ticket that will help the team. There are two types of custom fields supported, text and drop-down. Text fields allow the user to freely type in them and drop-down fields allow a selection from predefined options. You can manage Custom Fields via Helpdesk -> Custom Fields.

Creating a Custom Field

The create/edit Custom Field form has the following fields:

  • Title – this is the label which will be visible to users.
  • Name – this is the name that the system will use internally to reference the custom field; it is recommended to use only lowercase letters (a-z), digits (0-9), and the dash (-) or underscore (_) symbols; the field name should be unique and it cannot be changed after the field creation.
  • Display this field in the frontend – determines whether the field will be visible to the user when viewing or replying to a ticket in the front-end; it does not control the presence of a ticket in the Submit Ticket Form—please check the relevant communication on how to add it there.
  • This field is required – selecting this option will make the field mandatory to complete, otherwise it will be optional so it can be left empty.
  • Validation message – only displayed when field is marked as required; allows to enter a custom validation message for the field; if left empty, a predefined generic message will be displayed.
  • Type – either Text or Dropdown; if text is selected the user will be able to freely type in an input field; if Dropdown is selected, the user will be asked to select from a set of predefined options.

create dropdown custom field

Selecting the Dropdown type will allow you to enter the predefined options by clicking the “Add option” button. Clicking it, will show the following options:

  • Label – the label visible to the users.
  • Value – this is the value that the system will use internally to reference the option; only integers values (i.e. numbers) are allowed and each field will need to have a unique value; it is advised not to edit this value after it has been created, otherwise it might affect the values selected in existing tickets.
  • Text Color & Background Color – these fields allow to customise the colors of the drop-down selection.

You can edit or delete existing options using the relevant buttons.

Using Custom Fields

You can customise the tickets list (admin view) to display custom fields by clicking the “Screen Options”, selecting the fields you would like to display, and clicking the “Apply” button.

When viewing a ticket in the admin panel, on the right sidebar a section called “Custom Fields” will display the configured custom fields and any selections or values entered by the user.

In the front-end, fields will be visible on ticket details fields if you previously checked the “Display this field in the frontend” option and the field has a value in the current ticket.

Finally, if you are using the Submit Ticket Form or the Ninja Forms Integration, you can add custom fields to the forms; please check the relevant documentation pages for more information. Please note that at the moment custom fields cannot be filled for tickets imported via email using the Inbox (Email Piping) Add-on.