This is quite easy to do in few steps:

  • In wp-admin / Helpdesk / Config / Incoming Emails panel, configure an email account to which you will want to receive new messages (more details on configuring incoming email account you will find in Configuration section of this document).
  • Install Contact Form pugin of your choice on site, and configure your contact form to deliver email messages to email address configured in previous step.
  • If everything is setup correctly WPHD will periodically download emails from your inbox and convert them into tickets.

If you are using Custom Fields it is possible to send them as well, how to do it will actually depend on your forms plugin, basically it comes down to sending additional x-wphd-cf-name header in the email.

For example if your are using  Contact Form 7 plugin, you can add headers to the email as explained in CF7 documentation. Now lets assume you have Custom Field named department, then in “Additional Headers” field you would need to enter:

x-wphd-department: [department]