This is the main WPHD panel you will be using. Tickets panel has a couple of predefined views: All (displays all the tickets in DB), Open (all tickets with status open), My Tickets (tickets assigned to currently logged in user), Closed (tickets that were closed), Unassigned (tickets that are not assigned to any user), Trashed (delete tickets).

In the Trashed view user with role Administrator has ability to permanently delete all Trashed tickets.

The main window shows relative date when the inbox was last checked (by default WPHD should do this every 10 minutes), next to the date there Refresh icon you can click to check for new messages “now”.

Tickets Searching and Filtering

Aside of Views, there are couple of filters that allow to further narrow the list of tickets:

  • filtering tickets by month (this will filter tickets by last activity)
  • sort Tickets by Title and Sent date
  • search and advanced search (visible in top right), by default the form will search whole messages, however you can narrow down the search using advanced search form.


The Tickets list has following columns by default:

  • Title – original ticket title
  • From – name and email of the person from whom the message was received, note that next to the From column there is an icon that indicates how the thread is being handled (either via Email or Helpdesk)
  • Sent – date when the last message in the thread was received
  • Assigned To – assigned agent

Since version 1.2 it is possible to customize columns after clicking “Screen Options” button in top right corner.


Additionally there are few information next to ticket title that can be useful in your daily work

  • draft icon, if you have a draft reply created there will be blue draft icon visible, however if someone else created a draft as well there will be orange draft icon visible, when you hover over the icon it will show names of users who have drafts created in this thread.
  • number of messages in the thread

Merging Tickets

If your customer sent a message and few follow-ups you might want to merge in order to keep everything one place. This is possible in WPHD since version 1.2.3.

When viewing tickets list, select few tickets by clicking checkboxes next to them, next in “Bulk actions” dropdown select “Merge” option and click “Apply“. You should see modal window as on the image below


This window notifies that tickets merging is final and cannot be reversed and asks you to select a main ticket, that is a ticket into which all the messages from selected tickets will be added.